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The Digger poster

The Digger (2015)
short film
a film by Ali Cherri
Executive Producer: Paul Baboudjian
Sharjah Art Foundation Production
United Arab Emirates

Shot in the Sharjah desert in the United Arab Emirates, The Digger follows the everyday life of Sultan Zeib Khan, the Pakistani caretaker who has been guarding the ruins of a Neolithic necropolis for twenty years. A witness to the nation’s founding mythologies, Sultan preserves archeological ruins, keeping them from falling into ruin. In the midst of these empty graves that echo the vastness of the desert, the absence of corpses is more unsettling than their presence.



Flying home posterFlying Home (2014)
A flim by Dominique Deruddere
Starring: Charlotte De Bruyne, Jean Decleir, Jamie Dornan, Josse De Pauw, Viviane De Muynck and Ali Suliman
Executive Producer: Paul Baboudjian
United Arab Emirates Shoot
Kanakna Productions Belgium

‘ Flying Home’ is a romantic story that centers on Colin, an ambitious young American corporate raider (Jamie Dornan) and Isabelle, a young Flemish   student (Charlotte De Bruyne). One of Colin’s potential clients, a rich Arab (Ali Suliman), is a passionate pigeon fancier who has been trying to buy a   champion pigeon ‘Wittekop’ from the young Flemish uncle.



From A to B (2014)From A to B poster
a film by Ali Mostafa
Starring: Fahad Al Butairi, Shadi Alfons, Fadi Rifaai, Leem Lubany, Ali Suliman & Khaled Abol Naga
Producers: Paul Baboudjian, Mohamed Hefzy and Ali Mostafa
Imagenation/TwoFour54/AMP Media Production/AFM Films
United Arab Emirates

The year is 2011 and Omar (Rifaai) finds himself still racked with guilt over the death of his best friend Hady, who passed away five years ago. Now, just days away from the birth of his first child, he decides to take the road trip they never got to take…much to the dismay of his very pregnant wife. Omar reaches out to his estranged high school friends Jay (Albutairi) and Ramy (Alfons) who have lost touch since Hady’s death to take the road trip in his memory. Jay, now a playboy/ wannabe DJ, and Ramy, an activist (with 737 twitter followers!), take some convincing, but finally agree to the trip. The boys decide to drive from Abu Dhabi via Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria to arrive in Beirut, on what would have been Hady’s twenty-fifth birthday. Their journey is filled with speed bumps – breakdowns, wrong turns, shady mechanics and a camel or two. If all of this doesn’t drive them crazy, it might just bring them closer.


Here comes the rain posterHere Comes The Rain – Chatti Ya Dini (2010)
a film by Bahij Hojeij
Starring: Hassan Mrad, Julia Kassar, Carmen Lebbos, Bernadette Hodeib & Diamand Bou Abboud
Producers: Paul Baboudjian and Bahij Hojeij
Online Films

After 20 years of complete disappearance, Ramez comes back home, alive. He was abducted during the war in Lebanon, thrown into prison and tortured. Ramez is fifty, very sick, disconnected from reality and obsessed with a collection of empty paper bags. Ramez’s return shakes his family and jeopardizes the plans of his wife and two children who try in vain to recreate the family. He meets Zeinab in dramatic circumstances, who in turn awaits the return of her missing husband for over 20 years. A deep friendship develops between the two.



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